Micropiling have carried out extensive testing to /perfect the Vibro Driven capability. The small diameter piles can be installed in any location, including areas where headroom is restricted. The pre-drilling technique used by Micropiling results in negligible vibration.

The small diameter piles, usually 150mm in diameter are ideal for supporting lightly loaded structures where soft alluvial, or peaty ground conditions are encountered. The steel cased piles are filled with concrete and 2No, T12 starters are cast in the top of the pile thus enabling good connection to either an RC slab or ground beams.

Where larger diameter piles are required to carr reater loads the Micropiling Driven Section can drop hammers up to 2 tonne and drive piles up to 300mm diameter. This will enable these piles to give a safe working load up to 400kn with a safety factor of 3.

The pre-drilling technique adopted by Micropiling minimises ground surface vibration.


Estimation of driving resistance of B.S.P Cased pile driven with an internal drop hammer.
We recommend that the piles should be driven using the formula published by tile B.S.P International Foundations Ltd after G.M. Cornfield.
ie. Ru = 2900 W( 1.0 + h) / s + 12.7

Where: Ru = Ultimate Driving Resistance (M)
  W = Weight of Internal drop hammer
  h= Hammer drop (meters)
  s= Final set (mm per blow)
Therefore: Working Load 75
  Factor of Safety 3
  W = Weight of Internal Drop 0.45
  h = Hammer Drop 2
  Ru = Ultimate Load 225
  Hammer Constant 1
  Drop Constant 12.7
  Final Set per Blow mm 4.7
220mm. Dia permanently cased driven pile. Spiral welded casings 2.5mm wall thickness Insitu concrete core to be 1:1:3 ORC: Min cement 330Kg I m3 20mm agg size. 125mm - 150mm slump.

Driving plug to be earth dry mix x 750mm deep. Piles driven by 450kg. Harmmer. Winch operated free fall driving unit.